Through our Acting/Performance instruction the children at Whitehouse Preparatory School learn to create, rehearse and perform. 

 Our students explore the basics of theater by singing, dancing and acting.

About the Program

  • Children learn to embody elements of character and setting during dramatic play.
  • Students demonstrate and use verbal and non-verbal communication and by working collaboratively with others, they learn to create unified theatrical pieces throughout the school year.
  • At Whitehouse Prep, each and every student is celebrated as an artist and is given theatrical training in the foundations of acting, movement, voice, musical theater and design.

“…Whitehouse Prep is the perfect venue in which you may fully exercise your skills.” — Ms. Diana Hendry Esq. and Dr. Chuck Westfield

Previously Performed Plays

“When I Grow Up”

Performed by KI

This play was written and performed by them as well! The children went into a time machine that took them into the future. Then they all got to share what they were going to be when they grew up. After they each got a chance to tell who they were, they decided to go back to school and be themselves again. It was a precious performance and one that all of the children did their best in.

“The Preschool Olympics”

Performed by Preschool II

This play was one where all of the preschool children had a chance to pretend that they were in the Olympics. There were Super Heros, Dancers, Gymnasts and even Mathematicians! They performed it for the KI Class and their families. For many of them it was the first time they were on a stage and they did an excellent job!

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