Whitehouse Preparatory School offers a unique after and before school enrichment program called After the School Bell.™

(Available only to children enrolled in our full day and half day classes.)

The After the School Bell ™ program is open to all students that attend Whitehouse Prep. This program runs from 3:40 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is tailored to meet the needs of each child by offering a unique blend of activities and is overseen by state certified teachers and additional assistants & staff members.

About the Program

Although this is not an extension of the School’s day program, the after school program provides educational and enriching activities based upon a two-year curriculum that is thematic in nature. The children participate in a three-year curriculum giving them an exposure to additional learning and fun! One year the children learn about interesting aspects of all 50 states and the next year they learn about our continent and the many cultures around the world or different animal habitats.

  • The activities incorporate art, music, science investigation, drama and engaging hands-on projects through group interactions and staff involvement.
  • School age children (up to 3rd grade) will have time daily for doing their homework with the assistance of state certified teachers and other staff members.
  • In addition to our many closely supervised after school activities, parents are afforded the option of supplementing their child’s experience with enrichment sessions in piano instruction, ballet, gymnastics, chess, academic tutoring and the like provided by outside instructors.
  • For students attending Whitehouse Elementary Public School who wish to take part in our after school program, the public school provides free transportation at the end of the school day to Whitehouse Prep.

Make the Love of learning continue before & after school through this WHP program customized to the needs of our families.

Whitehouse Preparatory School