Preschool I is a developmental program designed especially for 2 1/2 to 4 year olds.

Our Preschool class is offered on a full and half-day basis. The full-day runs from 9:00 to 4 and the half-day runs from 9:00 to 12. Our Pre-School is also offered on a 3, 4 or 5 day basis. Our programs are customizable to fit your family’s needs. We also offer affordable before and aftercare.

About the Program

In this nurturing and stimulating class, your child truly enjoy his or her first step into a school. With small class sizes, caring teachers, and exciting programs-their early education experience with be truly wonderful!

  • Children are immersed in a developmental appropriate curriculum that focuses on motor, language, personal/social, and learning behaviors with an emphasis on building a solid educational foundation and skill base.
  • The exceptional early childhood curriculum of Tools of the Mind is the base of the instructional program.

 The classroom teacher Miss Abby Sommers is trained in the program of Tools of the Mind as well as having a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a passionate teachers who loves working with  2 1/2  and 3 year olds.

The combination of an outstanding and loving teacher and the curriculum being so enriching, creates an environment that is designed especially for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 to excel. The children leave this classroom with a firm foundation to begin our Preschool II Classroom.

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:00Arrival/ Free Choice Time
9:00-9:15Opening Group
9:15-9:45Snack Time/ Bathroom Time
9:45-10:00Outside Time
10:00-10:10Brain Break/ Gross Motor Activity
10:10-10:20Make Believe Play Practice/ Play Planning.
10:20-11:20Make Believe Play Time/ Clean up
Small Group Rotations (Story Lab/ Math and Science).
11:35-11:50Large Group Activity: Buddy Reading.
11:50-12:00Brain Break/ Gross Motor Activity
12:00-12:30Lunch Time
12:25-2:15Nap Time
2:15-2:30Snack Time
2:30-3:00Special: Art, Acting, Spanish, or Free Choice
3:00-3:15Letter of the Week Review
Whitehouse Preparatory School