Introduction about the Arts and Language here

At Whitehouse Prep we believe education extends well beyond the subjects children typically learn while in school. 

The arts (fine arts, drama, music, movement, world language) have always been an integrated part of our curriculum. We find that children who study these subjects often find their passion within their artistic skills and abilities.  With our acting, music, fine arts and world language classes we find it helps with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.

Acting and Performance

Through our Acting/Performance instruction the children at Whitehouse Preparatory School learn to create, rehearse and perform. Our students explore the basics of theater by singing, dancing and acting. They also learn to embody elements of character and setting during dramatic play. Students demonstrate and use verbal and non-verbal communication and by working collaboratively with others, they learn to create unified theatrical pieces throughout the school year. At Whitehouse Prep, each and every student is celebrated as an artist and is given theatrical training in the foundations of acting, movement, voice, musical theater and design.
“…Whitehouse Prep is the perfect venue in which you may fully exercise your skills.” — Ms. Diana Hendry Esq. and Dr. Chuck Westfield
This year’s performance of The Three Bears v. Goldilocks was outstanding. Visit our Youtube site to see our videos.

Music and Movement

Our music program is a traditional music program, and instrumental musical instruction in violin. Our students are immersed in a rich music environment that fosters spatial awareness, gross motor, loco motor, creative movement, listening, community building and cooperative learning skills as well as the ability to sing in tune, move in rhythm and begin playing a string instrument, the violin. Experiencing music in meaningful ways will prepare young children for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
Our program will support the children in achieving basic music competence and gaining the confidence that leads to future success in music or dance. Most importantly, they will be able to tap into the joys of making music which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Fine Arts

Our students will explore and develop skills in using various mediums to express themselves and their understandings. In our Preschool Classes they will explore a variety of techniques used by famous artists and actually use these techniques to create their own interpretations. Our students will experiment, experience, discover and share ideas about the various items they create. They will also begin to work on skills of identifying primary and secondary colors, give order to arrangements in a piece, identify variations in darkness and light, arrange objects in formal and informal balance, create texture in form, understand repetition in works of art and give expressions to the faces of people they draw. Our Atelier (central studio) will provide the necessary space for our children to explore and develop their artistic and creative skills.

World Languages

As part of the Preschool, Kindergarten I and Kindergarten II curriculum, students begin their exposure to world languages and cultures through a variety of topics including greetings, weather expressions, colors, numbers and holiday themes. The children learn about customs and traditions through songs, stories and projects that involve them in global communication. Through classroom activities that focus on cultural awareness, the students gain an understanding of and appreciation for the experiences of children in distant lands. Exposure to world cultures is one of the best ways to promote creative thinking and open mindedness. At Whitehouse Preparatory School, children are exposed to two of the most important languages in today’s global environment – English and Spanish.

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