A well-rounded, multi-faceted curriculum.

This program helps develop the love of learning that our children deserve.

See why Judy Serra chose this curriculum for WHP over other options at a Preschool Curriculum Showcase.

In November of 2014, I attended a Director’s Showcase of New Jersey Preschool Curriculum sponsored by Grow NJ Kids-the NJ State Initiative aiming to improve early education standards in Preschools. Three different types of curriculum were introduced to Preschool directors. I attended the first workshop that outlined the first curriculum, and saw right away it was not thorough enough for Whitehouse Prep. Next, I attended the second curriculum overview- it was satisfactory, but it was not a program that I was excited about implementing. Finally I attended the Tools of the Mind presentation and I realized that this curriculum was something special-it was a program that would help develop the love of learning that our children deserve.

As I listened to the Tools of the Mind presentation, I became truly excited to implement the curriculum into our school. I could not wait to get my teachers trained in the program. I had been teaching kindergarten for 30 years and had never seen a more well-rounded, multi-faceted curriculum. For example, I was always searching for that program that could teach writing in a playful, fun way to 2 1/2 years old children – Tools of the Mind did that and more!

Learning, fun, and life skills through its activities.

What activities will they experience.

When my teachers attended the trainings for Tools of the Mind they were also inspired and were looking forward to implementing this cutting-edge educational program in their classes.

Only teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education could truly appreciate a curriculum that does as much as Tools of the Mind. 

We love Tools of the Mind and our children do too! We are growing confident readers and writers because of the playful yet thorough curriculum. It was the best decision that I have ever made.

Whitehouse Preparatory School