Thank you for your interest in Whitehouse Preparatory School! 

Our goal is to provide the best pre-school program possible.

We are always available for any questions.

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Schedule Your Tour

We know all children are unique and all families have different needs and we would like to meet with you in a way that can be socially distant and informative at the same time. We are offering an afterschool tour time so you can see our school and find out more information about our programs. Please fill out the contact form of dates and times that are convenient for you.

Step 2

Complete Application

Complete and return your Application to Whitehouse Prep as soon as possible.

Step 3

ASQ Questionnaire

Once the application is handed into the school office, you will get a packet of forms to fill out and return to the school. 

Step 4


Once the forms are returned to the school, we will do a formal contract for enrollment. 

Whitehouse Preparatory School