Whitehouse Prep has an outstanding Art Curriculum that gives our children from Preschool I all the way to Kindergarten a hands on creative experience that will build a foundation of artistic expression and skills.

Our Program follows the State and National Core Curriculum Standards for Art.

Visual Art State Standards for K-2nd Grade

  • 1.1.2.A.1 – Observe the art form of visual art
  • 1.1.2A.2 – Explain that visual art can generate personal feelings
  • 1.1.2.A.2 – Interpret basic elements of style in visual art as the foundation for a creative art project
  • 1.1.2.B.1 – Communicate observational and emotional responses to works of art from a variety of social and historical contexts
  • 1.1.2.B.2 – Provide an initial response when exposed to an unknown artwork
  • 1.1.2.B.3 – Use imagination to create a story based on an arts experience in the visual arts
  • 1.2.2.D.1 – Create works of art using the basic elements of color, line, shape, form, texture, and space for a variety of subjects and basic media
  • 1.2.2.D.2 – Cite basic visual art vocabulary used to describe works of art
  • 1.2.2.D.3 – Present completed works of art in exhibition areas inside and outside classroom
  • 1.2.2.D.4 – Recognize how art is a part of everyday life
  • 1.4.2.A.2 – Define the basic concepts of color, line, shape ,form and texture
  • 1.4.2.B.1 – Orally communicate opinion regarding visual art based on observation
  • 1.4.2.B.2 – Express how individuals can have different opinions toward works of art
  • 1.5.2.A.1 – Recognize works of art from diverse cultures
  • 1.5.2.B.1 – Identify family and community as themes in art

Art Shows

Each year we have an art gallery to showcase each child’s art work!

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